Pai Gow Poker – A Guide Through Casino Gambling

Pai Gow Poker A Guide Through Casino Gambling

Pai Gow Poker is a game that has only recently made its way into casinos, but it is based on an ancient Chinese pastime. In reality, this game can be described as a good “fusion” of Pai Gow, a joint in China before the year 1000, and the more well-known Poker. 

The Pai Gow, or “Fai nine” in Italian, was ubiquitous during the imperial Song dynasty. Simultaneously, it required the use of 6-sided dice and tiles that were similar to dominoes. Sam Torosian, the owner of a casino platform in California, was the first to introduce Pai Gow Poker to Las Vegas in 1985. You can learn about general strategies and how to play Poker at poker casino games in this article.

Torosian aimed to draw staff of Chinese descent to the gambling halls, which are becoming increasingly common in the United States. To make the game more appealing, Torosian substituted a deck of French cards for the 32 dominoes, and the Joker started to be used instead of the dice.

Characteristics Of Pai Gow Poker In General

Pai Gow Poker is the name given to this variation. In just over 30 years, this pastime has grown in popularity both in physical rooms and on virtual platforms, earning the approval of poker fans. Other plays, most notably Baccarat and Caribbean Stud, no longer have anything to admire in terms of popularity. 

The protagonists in the games are the bank and a set number of players; each dealt with seven cards. The aim is to make two poker hands, which are denoted by the words “High” and “Low,” or as “High Hand” and “Low Hand,” respectively. The game table is similar to the one used for Blackjack in many ways.

How To Win & How To Hold Your Hand

If you’re unsure or are unable to set the hand, start asking the dealer for help. In most players, they are permitted to assist you in placing your hand (pun intended).

After all of the hands have been dealt, the dealer shows the cards placed in the predetermined “home way.” In the following part, we’ll go over how to do this. There are three options for the showdown:

  • You gain your bet by holding both the high and low hands.
  • The bankers win all elevated/low hands, resulting in a loss of your wager.
  • You win either as the high or low hand, while the banker takes the other, resulting in a tie and a return of your stake. In Pai Gow Poker, there seem to be a lot of moves.

When it comes to commission, the institution takes a percentage of a player’s winnings, usually 5%. Consider it similar to the rake in such a typical poker game.

What Is The House Procedure?

Vendors must set their hands according to the “house way,” set of rules that vary by location. So when you sit looking to watch, make sure you know what the house rules are.

A casino, for instance, may well have a “house way” that is similar to what is mentioned below.

No Pair – Inside the high hand, just use the highest one, and in the low hand, just use the third-highest cards.

One Pair – Inside the high hand, use the set, but in the low hand, use other top cards.

Two Pair – splitting two Pair is never a good idea.

Three Pairs – For the low hand, always play the highest Pair.

And so forth. The short version is a protocol for how dealers would set their hands, but knowing the procedure will help you decide your plan.

Pai Gow Poker A Guide Through Casino Gambling

Deal With Pai Gow Poker

To begin, shuffle the decks thoroughly. Instead, face down, offer seven cards per player on the team. To start a deal, choose a seat randomly and disperse cards neutralise from around the table.

If you’re played at such an entire six-handed board, you’ll deal 42 cards to the players or seven more to yourself, for just a total of 49 cards. There are many 53 cards throughout the deck with the Joker, so you’ll have up to four cards. Those will not be used and therefore should be thrown away in the muck.

How To Play Pai Gow Poker

Although there are a large number of players how to play Pai Gow Poker, some of them are only familiar with the game. In addition, most of them didn’t know the strategies. Who can play Pai Gow Poker is six, plus the dealer. Unlike Poker, where each player has five cards in his hand, this game has seven players. Each player must divide the items into two piles. 

The first, the “Low Hand,” has two cards, while the second, the “High Hand,” has five. A game begins with one of the players placing a wager. In addition, most moreover, “dealers,” or dealer, who shuffles the cards, is in charge of assigning them to each player; the number is fixed, even if the table has less than six players.

There are several strategies for deciding who is the first to collect the cards; the most well-known leave it to the bench or plan for three dice throws before counting the cards based on the number given (the operation will take place in a clockwise direction). 

Once all of the players have their hands on the cards, they must divide them into two piles with care since there are various possible combinations. If you’ve decided on the best combination, you’ll need to put it on the table’s designated area; first, present the two-card side, followed by the five-card party.

A rule in Pai Gow Poker states that a 5-card hand must have a higher value than a 2-card hand. It’s possible that a player would make this mistake while engrossed in the game. The dealer then can call a “foul,” in which case the player loses the hand. 

Pai Gow Poker is a game where the aim is to beat the dealer’s hand. If a single player manages to beat both of the dealer’s hands, he is proclaimed the winner; on the other hand, if the dealer’s hands won the player’s, he is declared the winner first. If, on the other hand, this occurs only with one of the two hands, the so-called “Push” occurs, making it impossible to determine a winner. 

Finally, a condition known as “Copy” happens when a player’s hand ties the dealer’s hand; in this case, the dealer often wins.

The Beating Dealer

 To summarise what has just been written in How to Play Pai Gow Poker in betting games, the player can only win at Pai Gow Poker by “always” beating the dealer. Even a tie is resolved in favour of the dealer, as previously mentioned. The player’s “High Hand” deck would, unsurprisingly, be compared to the dealer’s 5-card deck. 

Similarly, the dealer’s 2-card deck will be challenged by the “Low Hand.” Finally, the dealer’s 5-card deck would be contrasted to the player’s “High Hand” deck. The Joker is a card that has some significance in Pai Gow Poker. The latter, however, can only be used to complete the following combinations: plain straight, royal flush, and straight flush. 

In all other situations, the Joker has the worth of an Ace of any suit. The remaining cards retain their face value. Following a growing order of importance, we now come to calculating the scores in Pai Gow Poker. Pair of Jacks yields the lowest ranking, followed by a Queens, Kings, and Aces team.

Set Up For Traditional Poker

Continuing, you will encounter the “Double Pair”, formed by two pairs of the same value (such as a pair of 4 and 10), the “Three kinds” (3 cards of the same value), the “Straight” (it is five consecutive cards, including mixed seeds), the “Flush” (5 cards belonging to the same suit, even if not consecutive), the “Four of a kind” (5 cards with same value), “Straight Flush”, the “Royal Flush” and, finally, the “5 Aces” (combination consisting of 4 aces and a Joker). 

Compared to what has been established for classic Poker, the Straight formed by Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 is the one with the highest value in Pai Gow Poker, followed by the Ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5 combinations.

How To Play Pai Gow Poker Game Played In Online Casinos.

While Pai Gow Poker was only introduced to the gambling world a few years ago, its unique rules quickly drew the attention of fans. It’s not shocking, then, that it was able to develop itself so quickly, first conquering the terrestrial rooms and then the virtual betting platforms. 

As a result, Pai Gow Poker is now a common variant in many AAMS-approved online poker rooms. However, furthermore, adopting the existence of some peculiarities capable of making it a unique and particular pastime and sharing a set of rules (especially the basic ones) and ways of counting hands with Poker are the main reasons for Pai Gow Poker’s online success.

Consequently, even if you don’t consider yourself a great poker expert, you should approach Pai Gow Poker confidently in addition to most. It is not necessary to have a perfect understanding of the typical rules of hold’em to win; carefully reading the game’s rules, as well as the rules of the online casino where you have chosen to register, relating to bets, will quickly bring you up to speed with the game. 

Don’t forget that some platforms have tables dedicated to Pai Gow Poker where you can play without risking any money. Several icons and several virtual rooms have recently agreed to use the “house way” feature. What purpose does it serve? In practice, this feature “frees” the player from the obligation by automatically selecting the best hands.

How To Play Pai Gow Poker In Online Casinos From Mobile Devices

We just mentioned that Pai Gow Poker is a game that has received a favourable and unexpected response in recent years. It has persuaded a significant number of virtual rooms to make it available on mobile devices as well. 

Today regardless of the operating system used by your mobile device, finding Apps in official online stores is easy (you can choose between Apps for Android, Blackberry, IOS and Windows Mobile). You can instantly begin playing Pai Gow Poker once the download is complete (which will only take a few seconds).

 If you have never had the opportunity to dedicate yourself to gambling by taking advantage of an App, don’t worry. The versions of Pai Gow Poker reserved for smartphones and tablets will allow you to check your gaming account in real-time, make deposits and withdrawals, and, if you wish, access the other titles offered by the selected virtual casino.

In this context, the considerable progress made in the technological field deserves to be highlighted. But, on the other hand, the times characterised by games that tend to slow down or freeze, by obsolete graphics, insufficient controls, and a minimal number of options seem far away. 

And suppose the fear of exposing personal data and savings to possible fraud is holding you back. In that case, adopting extremely secure protocols will allow you to focus exclusively on the game.

Online Platforms Are Offering A Special Incentive.

We want to conclude this section by pointing out how to push more and more users to try the “portable” version of Pai Gow Poker is the widespread trend in many virtual platforms, to offer exclusive bonuses. Adopting extremely secure protocols will allow you to focus exclusively on the game. 

Valuable Tips On How To Play Pai Gow Poker

Before ending the guide, we would like to provide you with practical strategic advice to approach Pai Gow Poker with greater confidence. While not being able to guarantee you a sure win, you will see your chances increase by following what is reported in the following lines. 

First of all, any player who approaches a Pai Gow Poker table for the first time must not forget that the dealer has an advantage, albeit marginal, over the other participants. For this reason, you will have to try to make the best use of the seven cards in your hand, reserving enough time to choose the combination of more excellent value. 

If you find yourself writing without any winning combination (not even a simple pair), you will necessarily have to transfer the card with the highest value in the “High Hand”; later, we suggest that you move the following two high cards to the other hand. Finally, if you have a Pair in dowry, move it to the “High Hand”, replacing it with the two cards of higher value.

Finally, Some Thoughts

 If luck has given you a Double Pair, divide the pairs between the two hands. With three Pairs, only the highest will take a seat in the Low Hand. In the presence of a straight consisting of 5, 6 or 7 cards, 5 of these cards will form the High Hand. 

Finally, if you have a whole house, play the Pair in the low hand. In the presence of a straight consisting of 5, 6 or 7 cards, it will be 5 of these cards to form the High Hand. Finally, if you have a whole house, play the Pair in the low hand. In the presence of a straight consisting of 5, 6 or 7 cards, it will be 5 of these cards to form the High Hand. Finally, if you have a whole house, play the Pair in the low hand.


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