Casino Welcome Bonus – All You Need To Know

Casino Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses or casino signup bonus is one of the most exciting offers you can find on any online casino. There is no better way to attract the newbie and novice gamblers to the online gambling website than by offering to lure welcome offers.

There is no hard and fast rule to it, and each casino comes up with its own version. However, the most common type of bonus is the matching bonus. This is nothing but the casino offering you the exact match of the money you make as a first deposit. For example, if a site offers a 150% matching bonus for a deposit of $150, then you will find $300 in your account to play with.

Want to know more about these types of bonuses? You can go through the details of this and gather all information needed from our casino sign-up bonuses guide for beginners.

The following is a list of the top-rated casino welcome bonuses offered. The list here is ranked based on a special formula developed by us to estimate the value of the bonus. It is arrived at after taking into consideration the site’s quality, the bonus size, the wagering required for withdrawal, the bankroll risk, and many other things.

What Is a Casino Welcome Bonus?

Casino Welcome Bonus

Any person who wants to try their luck at an online casino should be aware of the terms used in casinos, and the first term among them is the casino welcome bonus. Gambling online can be fun and rewarding if you are familiar with the terms.

Most of the online casinos now offer a welcome bonus to the new users of the casino. The first time players are eligible for this reward when they register with the casino site. The casino sign-up bonus offered by each casino will be different and mostly depends on the type of gambling and games offered by the site.

As a new player, you need to understand the different types of welcome bonuses and how they work and their benefits before stepping into online casinos. It is all about the casino sign-up bonuses that help you to select the right site to try your luck.

There are welcome bonuses that you can get instantly after you register, and there are bonuses that make the player make a minimum deposit at the site to be eligible for the bonus. These bonuses can be either in the form of a deposit match, Free Spins, free games, or combinations of cash match and Free Spins, etc. Either the punters can use the welcome bonus in the same game or opt to try other games with the welcome bonus. This usually depends on the terms and conditions of each casino.

Though some newbie player bonuses look good at first sight, they may not be very rewarding in a real situation. You may need to fulfill some wagering requirements before you try to withdraw the money you received as a casino welcome bonus. The welcome bonus that offers maximum cash may not be the best one. So, select the welcome bonuses wisely. However, good casino bonuses are a great way to start playing casino games.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Welcome Bonuses?

Why Do Online Casinos Offer BonusesOnline casinos use welcome bonuses as a tool to attract more players to their online casinos and to make them play for a long. There are hundreds of online casinos, and these casinos are facing tough competition in the virtual world.

They try to impress their customers by giving the best offers they can. Some casinos offer bonus packages for those signing up at the site that spread over the customer’s multiple deposits. This will obviously make the player deposit more money and play the games. The casinos use a free casino sign-up bonus to promote some of their games.

Moreover, once a person registers at the site, the casino can promote their games through emails. Therefore, it is a method to collect customer information as well for these establishments.

When a gambler receives a casino bonus, it is most likely that the person will continue playing at the site to use up the Free Spins or to match up or double the deposit money.

This means that the person will deposit or wager more money on the games. The free welcome bonus can be a boon to the players who do not want to spend more money to try out different games at a site.

Usually, a new casino will offer a much better casino sign-up bonus than a well-established one, as they need to increase their customer base. Any person with previous experience in online gambling will be able to increase their profits using these rewards.

How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

A casino welcome bonus is one of the easiest ways for gambling sites to attract new players. The gamblers are also on the lookout for such promotions and offer from the casino so that they can place stakes with more money than their fixed budget.

The newbie bettors enjoy Free Spins or free money to play at these sites by using these bonuses. This offer is common with every online gaming website. Most of these bonus promotions are on offer for the new or the regular players of the site.

Winning a casino welcome bonus is not a difficult task. All you have to do is register for an account at the site that offers the bonus. Once you complete the registration form and submit it, you will have a new account created in your name.

You need to use the various deposit methods provided on the site to make your first deposit after sign up. Once you make the deposit, you can find the casino welcome bonus to reflect in your account. Most of the new player sign up offers include 100% or 125% or even 200% first deposit matching bonus. These bonuses come with a catch.

You would need to meet the wagering requirement or playthrough requirements set by the site to carry out the winnings’ withdrawal. Hence, when choosing a casino site, you need to make sure that you choose one that has the lowest wagering requirement and offers a decent welcome bonus.

Are Casino Offers Worth it?

Players registered with a casino site will receive newsletters about the bonuses offered by them. The bonuses’ ultimate job is to lure new gamblers to the casino and keep the existing players tied to the site. However, are these offers worth the effort?

Even though there is no malpractice happening in casino offers, most players fail to figure out how the casino offers work and finally get dejected with the casinos and their bonuses. This is mainly because the players fail to understand the terms and conditions for claiming the bonuses.

To know the worth of an offer, a responsible player should consider the following important factors.

  • The casino game
  • Bonus Money
  • Wagering requirement
  • House edge of the game
  • Expected value

1.    The Casino Game

Each casino game has different offers, different wagering requirements, and different house edges. Casinos offer Roulette, baccarat, blackjack, keno, video poker, slots, and many more games. Therefore, first, you need to understand the type of game you are playing.

2.    Bonus Money

It is a major factor in deciding whether you should take the risk of accepting the casino offer. If the casino is offering a 100% bonus, you need to consider other factors before opting to accept the bonus.

3.    Wagering Requirement

Wagering requirement indicates the number of times one should attempt the casino game before they are allowed to withdraw the bonus money or winnings. If the player fails to meet the game’s wagering requirement, they cannot convert the bonuses into real money or withdraw them.

For example, if the bonus is $1000 and it has a 50X playthrough, the player needs to wager $50,000 in total before they can withdraw the bonus winnings. It is better to avoid games with a high minimum deposit and high wagering requirement. A major portion of these bonuses and promotions are for first-time depositors. A few of the sites might even come out with Free Spins.

4.    House Edge

In simple terms, the house edge of the game tells you the profit margin of the casino through that game. For example, if a game has a house edge of 4%, the casino is making $4 for every 100$ bet made by the player. This means that if you are looking to win money from a game, you need to select games that come with a lower house edge.

Return to Player Percentage is another term that shows the house edge. If the house edge is 96%, the house edge is 100-96=4.0%. However, the house edge can only give an idea of long-term returns to the player.

5.    Expected value

It shows your probability of winning or losing a bet as an average value. The calculation is done based on the odds and payouts of any game. If the expected value of a casino offer is positive, then theoretically, you can make a profit, and if the value is negative, then the player can expect to lose money when the offer gets completed.

One can make profits from bonuses if they know how to choose the best value bonuses. You can compare different offers from different sites to improve your chance of winning with bonuses.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

The different types of welcome bonuses offered by casinos usually come under any of the following categories.

●       Deposit Bonus

These welcome or sign-up bonuses are tied to the player’s deposit when they first start to play at the casino site. Some casinos offer 100 or 200 % of the first deposit made by the player. However, some sites allow you to receive the bonuses only after making the first few deposits or fulfilling the wagering requirements.

●       No Deposit Bonus

This is the most alluring bonus for first-time players at a casino. The newly registered players can receive this bonus without even depositing any money at the casino. However, they will have to follow the conditions set by the casino to withdraw the bonus amount.

A player cannot expect to win big money with this bonus, but they will enjoy games at the site using the free money. No deposit bonuses are scarce to find, and the wagering requirements are usually challenging to follow. Online casinos usually use this bonus to introduce new games and features to the players.

●       Free Spins

This bonus, also known as cash spins or extra spins, is mainly available to slot games. Players can use the free spin options on the allowed slots at the casino. Free Spins are provided in batches of 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, etc., depending on the casino game and the player’s deposit.

This type of bonus should be used within a few days. If you make a win on the Free Spins, the amount will be added to your bonus amount or reach your account as real money. Some Free Spins also have wagering requirements.

●       Mixed Bonus

When the casinos combine two bonus features in one offer, it is a mixed bonus. This is usually given as a welcome bonus when the first deposit is made at the website. For example, there are casinos, which offer a bonus of 100% of the money deposited and many Free Spins for a casino game.

Many additional rules will be there to use these bonuses. The withdrawal requirements for the individual bonus will be different.

How to Find the Best Casino Welcome Bonus?

Welcome Bonus

The following are some of the tips you need to follow to find the best casino sign-up bonus offers on the internet.

  • No matter if you are looking for a welcome offer or a no deposit bonus, you need to be ready to surf the internet and shop around for some time. Look around for many sites as each one would have a different offer and choose one that suits your needs.
  • Keep a note of the percentage of bonuses on various sites so that you know the maximum amount you can get back after making the first deposit.
  • Be sure to go through the wagering requirements, as you would not get the option of withdrawing the money once you get the bonus in your account. You need to play through the bonus a fixed number of times before you can withdraw.

All about Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements are also known as playthrough requirements or Rollover Requirements. The wagering requirements of an offer signify how much money you need to spend at the casino or the number of times you need to bet at the casino before a cash out a bonus or the winnings earned through the bonus.

If a player receives a match Bonus without any wagering requirement, the casino will end up in a big loss. To minimize the risk of incurring losses and to maintain their financial stability, casinos use wagering requirements. Casinos usually offer two types of wagering requirements on cashing out bonus money.

  • ‘X’ times the amount of the bonus you receive.
  • ‘X’ times the amount on the first deposit and the bonus amount.

If the wagering requirements are up to 30x, it can be considered a good one. Anything going beyond 40x is a bad wagering requirement as it will be difficult to cash out.

How to Cash Out a Casino Sign-Up Bonus?

One of the most important things the gamblers should understand is that casinos target new players to come and play games at their site through sign-up bonuses, and they will not let players take cash very easily.

Casinos are at risk of losing money if they allow them to cash out the wins and bonuses. Some bonuses are redeemable, but there will be some conditions attached to them. Some bonuses like Free Spins have to be used at the site, and if you are lucky, you may win big jackpots. So, before you try to cash out the welcome bonus, do the following

  • Read reviews about the casino to ensure that the casino is registered and is safe and secure to make money transactions.
  • Go through the terms and conditions of bonus offers from the casino by visiting their website.
  • Ensure you qualify for the bonus (some casino bonus offers are limited to people from certain countries).
  • Consider the consequences of opting out of the bonus if you find the bonus not worth it.
  • Check cash out terms; find out whether you need to use bonus codes to redeem the bonus and whether there is any limit for bonus money withdrawal.
  • Make sure you have completed all the wagering requirements set by the game site or provider.
  • Check the validity period of the bonuses.

It is necessary to read the casino’s withdrawal requirements you are trying your luck at as the terms and conditions vary. Most casinos allow their players to withdraw money gained through real money play; however, money won through bonus is not easy to withdraw.

Once you fulfill the wagering requirements, you will take out some of the winning amounts depending on the terms and conditions. You need to request the casino to make the cash-out. The process may take a few days to complete.

If you want to make clearing non-cashable bonuses faster is to wager with large amounts to increase the rate of return and set targets like doubling the deposit amount or winning more than $5,000.

When you reach your target, wager for less amount and finish off the bonuses, however, there are chances that you get busted, or the casino will reduce the bets after you make a big win. If you doubt cashing out your bonuses, you can always contact the live chat option provided by these online casinos.


If you have decided to deposit money at a casino and start playing, then getting a welcome bonus will not harm you in any way. A welcome bonus will help you start your game by depositing a smaller amount and using the bonus to play longer or win the game. If you make a deposit and lose your money, you will be able to play for some more time using the sign-up bonus money. With more money, you have a greater chance of winning.

Therefore, it is better to use the welcome bonuses. As a casino game player, you have to read the casino bonus terms and conditions before starting the game. You should never deposit money that you cannot manage to lose.

Do not try to recover your lost money at a casino by raising your betting amount. Most of all, play at reliable sites offering fair play, good customer service, easy money withdrawal terms, and promoting responsible gambling.

Casino Welcome Bonus FAQs

  1. Do casino bonus codes work on mobile?

Yes, these days, most of the sites are mobile-compatible. Hence, you can use the bonus codes to start wagering on your mobile devices.

  1. Are online casino bonuses legit?

One of the main things that set online gambling websites apart from land-based casinos is the bonuses. Yes, all genuine and licensed sites that commit to bonuses and promotions do honor it. They are legit offers.

  1. What do you mean by 50x or 40x or 30x or 1x wagering?

A wagering requirement set by the casino means that you need to play 50x, 40x, 30x, or 1x or over of the bonus before you can withdraw the bonus and the winnings you made using it.

  1. What if I hit the jackpot on a no deposit bonus?

You will not have the option to withdraw the full jackpot but will be rewarded with part of the jackpot prize.

  1. Why should I look for welcome bonuses?

These are the best offers you can come across from any online casino. You can increase your gambling budget or get Free Spins to play on certain titles. This way, you can play with more money, and this helps in increasing your wins.

  1. Can you withdraw a casino bonus?

Yes, you can withdraw the bonus after you have met the wagering requirements.

  1. What does no max cashout mean?

This option gives you the freedom to cash out any amount from your account at any given time.

  1. Can you actually make money at a casino?

Yes, sign up at a licensed casino, make use of the bonus on offer, and you can make money by playing titles on the site.

  1. What happens if you win a lot of money at a casino?

Once you win a lot of money, you get to keep it and might need to fill the taxes form before getting the money.

  1. What does a playthrough bonus mean?

It is nothing but the number of times you need to wager your bonus or the deposit or both put together to carry out a withdrawal.

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